• A man laying face down after a company accident.

  • Woman holding her back from back pain.

  • A pair of hands in handcuffs.

  • Workplace Injuries Can Leave You Incapacitated

    Work injuries can cost you your job, your mobility, and your savings. Don't let this happen to you. Make sure you are getting the compensation you need. Call Michael P. Kimbrell today for superior legal assistance.

  • Personal Injuries Shouldn't be Enduringly Damaging

    If you have suffered a personal injury and are experiencing physical or financial difficulties, come see Michael P. Kimbrell today. He can help you get the financial compensation you need.

  • Criminal Charges Can Alter Your LIfe Forever

    If you have been accused of a crime, call the experienced attorney Michael P. Kimbrell. His knowledge and expertise can help you win your case and get charges dropped.

A disabled lady getting help from a man.


If you suffer from a disability and are not getting your social security payments, seek the legal assistance of Michael P. Kimbrell today. He'll fight for you!


A worker with a hard hat on holding his leg because he injured it.

Workers Compensation

Work injury can be expensive to live with. Be sure that Michael P. Kimbrell represents your workers' compensation rights. Call him today!


A doctor checking a neck brace on a woman's neck.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries can permanently alter your life. Make sure that you are represented properly so you can return to living as normally as possible.


A police officer holding keys with a man inside the cell putting his head in his hands.

Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges, turn to Michael P. Kimbrell for help. His experience can help you in this time of doubt and uncertainty.


Let Michael Kimbrell Be Your Attorney For Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, & Criminal Defense in North Las Vegas, NV


Personal defensive assistance

Kimbrell understands the system and will do all he can to obtain the best possible outcome aggressive representation to protect your rights.

Confidential and aggressive

As the only Nevada attorney who worked for the Social Security Administration as a vocational expert and fought for the rights of injured workers, Kimbrell knows how to win your case. Don't be afraid to appoint him as your attorney for your social security disability, personal injury, and criminal defense in North Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.

A former JAG officer in Afghanistan in 2013, Michael Kimbrell is a proud military veteran.

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    NRS 629.061, for patients requesting medical records from doctors in Nevada, there should be no charge for copies. However, the law states the patient must show proof that they are applying or appealing a denial for SSDI or SSI. The proof can be a copy of the letter sent to you after you have applied […]

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